Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You Can't Take This Guy From Me

It's hard to believe sometimes, but 21 years have now gone by since my nephew Morgan made his début on this plane of existence. A few days ago he successfully defended his thesis in some arcane aspect of mathematics/computer science theory, a few days from now we'll have sushi for lunch together, and then he'll dress up as the God of Calamity and take part in Seattle's Sakura-Con with his friends Kyle, Alex, Callie, and Allison, all of whom I had the pleasure of meeting last month in Corvallis. I don't see Morgan as much as I used to when he was younger, when I used to take him out for sushi - wasabi is best introduced to a child before he reaches the age of 3, I find - or some other ethnic cuisine, or we'd go play silly nickel games at Wunderland, or just hang out and play word games or mess around in the kitchen. I'm looking forward to doing more of that over the next year while he's finishing his accelerated Master's program at Oregon State and before he heads out for PhD work at whatever university is lucky enough to get him on their roster, ready to spend his days pondering chaos theory. Ganbatte kudasai Mr. M - I love you. Happy birthday and many more!

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